I inherited coins, what should I do?

You inherited coins or found coins during a house clearance? The most important point is to avoid hasty decisions. First of all you should sort all coins and conduct a high level validation. You should try order the coins appropriately (e.g. ages or regions).

The next step should be a non-binding expert assessment to figure out what kind of coins you have and to estimate approximate worth.

Now you have to decide if you want to keep the coins or sell them. The decision depends on the emotional worth and if you want to collect coins.

If you decide to sell the coins you have to develop an appropriate sales strategy. 

Whats the worth of my coin / collection?

The worth of a coin depends on the following aspects: rarity, grading, demand. These indicator have to be validated comprehensively for every coin. 

Are coins an adequate investment?

Especially when the economy is highly volatile it is important to find reliable investments. The question if coins are a good investment can be answered easily: yes, but!

Generally coins are a proper stock of value but as every investment it has the following problem: investing without knowledge is dangerous!

There are several possibilities to extend your portfolio with some selected coins but you have to consider all risks like volatility in demand in certain coin types.

For detailed information regarding the “dos and don’ts” in coin investments, feel free to contact us.

How can I investigate a coin?

Investigating coins is one of the core disciplines of numismatics and often requires years of experience. Initially you should clarify three aspects: when, where and by whom was the coin minted.

Whats the best strategy for selling coins?

Usually you have two common possibilities: auction or fixed price. The decision depends on several aspects. Please contact us for more information. 

What are coin gradings?

A Coin grade specifies the conservation of a coin. You find the most common grades in the following list:


Uncirculated/Mint State: Coin has no visible marks/errors or deterioration signs -> best grading.

Extremely fine: All details can be recognized very well. Small scratches and minimal deterioration signs are visible.

Very Fine: minted details on the coins are attrite but can still be recognized.

Fine: Some minted details on the coin are already disappeared. The contours can still be recognized.


Furthermore you may also find coins graded with “Proof”. This is not a classic coin grade. It refers to a special production process which involves polishing of the dies. Proof strike coins can be distinguished from normal coins by their sharper rims and much smoother fields. These coins are usually limited and accordingly valuable.

Does BAVARIA guarantee the authenticity of the offered coins?

As a reliable coin trader we of guarantee the authenticity of all coins we sell. If you should really buy a coin which is later declared as fake, we of course grant you a money back guarantee without any constraints.

Is it possible to give coins to NGC for a grading?

The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) offers third-party grading service for coins and medals. As an authorized dealer we support you in the grading process with NGC. 


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